October 2017 Paint Challenge: Team of Three!

This month's Santa Barbara Wargaming Hobby Painting Challenge: Team of Three! As you can see, some of our members went a little over board when it came to painting, but that's never a bad thing! So, who do you think won?! Post in the comments below and we'll announce a winner!  


October 21st 2017: Bloodbowl, Warhammer 40,000, Shadespire, Dropfleet Commander, and more!

Our open gaming on Saturday, the 21st of October saw a huge number and range of games being played! While it appeared as though Games Workshop was the primary focus of gaming today (especially since the fantastic new Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire had just been released and acquired from the closest GW!), our intrepid band of... Continue Reading →

Saturday, October 7th Open Game Day

The Open Gaming on October 7th saw lots of games played and fun had, with Malifaux and Bloodbowl being the stand-out systems! With the beginning of our Second Season of Bloodbowl play, Dvno's Humans faced off against RiotX's Human team in a pre-season match, with bones-crushed, plays-fumbled... everything that makes Bloodbowl, well... Bloodbowl! On the... Continue Reading →

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