High Elves vs Dark Elves: A Warcup Pre-Season Game!

Last Saturday, people started to get excited for Santa Barbara Wargamings return to Bloodbowl by playing some of their pre-season games! These games are designed to have a minimum effect on the actual start of the season (with an eye towards winning the coveted Santa Barbara Warcup!), but allow players to create their team, shake off any cobwebs that may have been accumulating between campaigns, and get stuck-in with a practice match!

As you can see in these photos, there was a spirited bout between Jon’s brilliantly-converted High Elves (All Stars?), and Daklethan’s equally-brilliantly-converted Dark Elves (who, I believe, once started out life as Dark Eldar)!

Here at SBWargaming, expect to find regular updates on the progress of the Warcup League Season, with teams such as Halflings, Chaos, Chaos DWARVES, Wood Elves (well, Sylvaneth, really, but we’ll get into all that in more detail in a future post!), Orcs… Humans… who know’s what all will be seeing the pitch over the course of the season!

(And, maybe, we can even get Laugadur to do us a weekly roster, scoreboard, victory tree… or something!)


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