Anything But… Ep. 49 Reflections on GenCon 51 Greetings!  In this episode, 49, of Anything But... Nerfherder and Ironmonger discuss GenCon 51, their impressions, the 'winners' and 'losers' at the convention, the state of the gaming industry, and much more! Enjoy!


Anything But… Ep. 48 Blarf-narh Welcome to another excellent episode of your favorite gaming podcast by Santa Barbara Wargaming: Anything But...! In tonight's episode, our hosts sink their collective teeth into Games Workshop's latest skirmish game, Kill Teams! With plenty of commentary, critiques, suggested improvments and (of course, wishlisting!), we're sure that this will not only make you wanna... Continue Reading →

The ultimate fan-boy guide to SQUEENIX

The subject of JRPGs came up on the SBWG Slack channel recently, which led to this gem of a message string from Daklathen. He titled it "the ultimate fan-boy guide to SQUEENIX," and it is presented here in its raw and uncut form for your reading pleasure. The Ultimate Fan-Boy Guide to SQUEENIX JRPG Games... Continue Reading →

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