Anything But… Ep.47 The Ultimate Competitive Episode Greetings, and welcome to episode 47 of Anything But...! In this episode, we do a wrap-up of the Shadespire tournemant right afterwards, discussing decks, play styles, match-ups, and more!  Enjoy! PS. Apologies for the horrible audio quality on this one: we were experiancing some technical difficulties, which have since been resolved!


The ultimate fan-boy guide to SQUEENIX

The subject of JRPGs came up on the SBWG Slack channel recently, which led to this gem of a message string from Daklathen. He titled it "the ultimate fan-boy guide to SQUEENIX," and it is presented here in its raw and uncut form for your reading pleasure. The Ultimate Fan-Boy Guide to SQUEENIX JRPG Games... Continue Reading →

October 2017 Paint Challenge: Team of Three!

This month's Santa Barbara Wargaming Hobby Painting Challenge: Team of Three! As you can see, some of our members went a little over board when it came to painting, but that's never a bad thing! So, who do you think won?! Post in the comments below and we'll announce a winner!  

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