Malifaux Demo Day & Open Gaming at Avalon

Welcome to our second Demo Day and Open Gaming for Wyrd's fantastic game, Malifaux, at Avalon Comics and Games! On October 29th we had some of our Malifaux gamers (including our Henchman, riotX!) play some games and give some demos to a few interested Masters eager to throw down on the other side of the... Continue Reading →


October 2017 Paint Challenge: Team of Three!

This month's Santa Barbara Wargaming Hobby Painting Challenge: Team of Three! As you can see, some of our members went a little over board when it came to painting, but that's never a bad thing! So, who do you think won?! Post in the comments below and we'll announce a winner!  

Saturday, October 7th Open Game Day

The Open Gaming on October 7th saw lots of games played and fun had, with Malifaux and Bloodbowl being the stand-out systems! With the beginning of our Second Season of Bloodbowl play, Dvno's Humans faced off against RiotX's Human team in a pre-season match, with bones-crushed, plays-fumbled... everything that makes Bloodbowl, well... Bloodbowl! On the... Continue Reading →

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